Ongoing support is offered with all levels of The Peaceful Planet Reiki Courses

All Peaceful Planet Reiki Courses are completed on a One to One (Master/Apprentice) basis which means that the day is committed to you and no one else.

If after completing this second level of Reiki you wish to progress to the third level namely the Master Practitioner Certificate, the usual time between these levels is nine to twelve months. This period allows you to absorb the effects of your level two attunement and be prepared for the additional work required by the Master Practitioner level. The Peaceful Planet Master Levels are divided into level 3 Master Practitioner and Level Four Master Teacher.

Remember that ongoing support is offered with all levels of Peaceful Planet Reiki Courses.

Reiki Level Three Master Practitioner Course Itinerary

10 am Start

  1. What is a Reiki Master?
  2. The history and principles of Natural Healing
  3. The emergence of Reiki
  4. The five Reiki Precepts re-visited
  5. Reiki meditation and preparation
  6. Dr Usui’s Techniques and Practice
  7. Reiki Healing a new level
  8. Time for questions and/or discussion
  9. A short meditation
  10. Your Reiki Attunement

Lunch will be provided

  1. The Reiki energy in your hands
  2. The spirit of Reiki
  3. Creating a sacred and healthy space for living and healing
  4. Mental and Emotional Healing the Reiki way
  5. Practical and spiritual oriental wisdom
  6. The breath of life – the breath of healing
  7. The Usui Master Symbol
  8. Dr Usui’s thoughts on the teaching of Reiki
  9. End approximately 4 pm

The fee for this day is £160.00 and this includes all you will need for the day. A deposit of £50.00 will be required to confirm your Course booking.

Please note that Courses need to be booked at least seven days in advance.On completion of this course you will receive the following to take home:

  • Reiki Master Practitioner Level Certificate
  • A4 Bound Reiki Manual (covering all that has been taught on the day – and more)

Level 3 students who did not complete their Level 1 Course with me may purchase my 40 minutes Self Healing CD if they so wish.