I made the decision to run my Reiki Courses on a one to one basis when I realised that this way of working would allow me to give my undivided attention to each student. Here at Peaceful Planet our Reiki courses can be a day which feels special, in which you can take things at your own pace and enjoy a relaxing lunch break. It will be a day specifically tailored to your needs and preferences, and held on a date that is convenient to you. If this sounds like your kind of Reiki Course experience please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail or telephone to arrange a mutually convenient date for us to have a no obligation chat with a view to booking a date for your course.


Q: Why would I want to complete one or more levels of Reiki on a Peaceful Planet Reiki Course?
A: With Reiki you can begin to see life from a clearer perspective and begin your own process of self healing as well as – or alternative to – healing others. Each time you heal yourself you heal your relationships and communications with others, and in doing so enhance their world and the world around all of you. Each time a Reiki attunement is offered your energy vibration rate is uplifted and because we are all one, the energy vibration rate of the planet is uplifted also. In taking up any level of Reiki you help to heal the planet in some small way.

Q: I know very little about Reiki, will I be able to ask any questions I have on the subject of Reiki generally during all levels of my Reiki Courses?
A: On a Peaceful Planet Reiki Course you can ask as many questions as you wish without any concerns that you may be taking attention from other students in a class. You can discuss whatever puzzles or concerns you around Reiki and associated topics, without feeling that your questions may sound foolish or hold back a class.

Q: Can I use Reiki as a personal development tool for myself even if I do not want to become a Reiki Practitioner?
A: Reiki is not just a Therapy with which to work as a Practitioner, it can be a wonderful tool for personal development and can be lived or practiced to the level that feels right for you. You could complete the first three levels of Reiki on a Peaceful Planet Reiki Course even though you may not wish to actually work as a Practitioner.  It simply depends upon how fully you wish to incorporate the spirit of Reiki into your life.

Students often set out wishing to do their Reiki Courses purely for themselves and decide at a later date when they have achieved the necessary level that they wish to be a Practitioner.  The choice is yours.

Q: If I wish to become a Reiki Practitioner what do I need to do?
A: You will need to complete the first two levels of Reiki.  Level One will teach you what Reiki is and how to use it for your friends, family and of course yourself.

Level Two is the Practitioner Course which provides you with more in depth understanding of working with Reiki, including how to practice Distance Healing, and how to use the Reiki Symbols. This Level Two Course often becomes a positive life changing experience, even if you simply wish to continue with the benefits of Reiki for yourself and those around you.

Your Level Two Certificate does of course enable you to work as a Practitioner, offering Reiki Healing to the public and to acquire the recommended professional insurance you should obtain if you wish to work as a Practitioner.

Q: How long do I need to wait after I have completed my Level One Course before I can complete my Level Two Course?
A: The recommended minimum period to allow between levels one and two is three months, and that is the minimum period I require between these two levels.

Q: Can I complete my Level Two course after three months even if I simply want to take my Reiki experience on to a deeper level of personal development, but do not propose to immediately work as a Reiki Practitioner?
A: Yes you can complete your Level Two Course after the minimum period of three months even if you do not plan to immediately work as a Reiki Practitioner.

Q: What is the minimum period before I can complete a Level Three Peaceful Planet Reiki Course?
A: I normally recommend at least six to nine months between Levels Two and Three. This is dependent upon the individual and their readiness for the Level Three Course.

Q: What will my Level Three Course comprise of?
A: My Level Three Courses are described as Master Practitioner Courses, and they give you the opportunity to learn how to ‘live’ your Reiki in addition to working as a Practitioner. A Peaceful Planet Level Three Reiki Course is a special day just for you and takes you to a whole new level of living and working with Reiki. Check out the Itinerary for the Level Three Master Practitioner Courses for more details.

Q: What do I need to do if I wish to become a Reiki Teacher?
A:  You will need to complete the Level Four Master Teacher Course, which teaches you how to teach all four levels of Reiki. The Itinerary on this website shows what you can expect to learn on a Peaceful Planet Level Four Master Teacher Course.

Q: Some Reiki Teachers only offer three levels of Reiki why do you offer four.
A: From experience as a teacher of Reiki I have discovered that a large proportion of Reiki students will happily complete the first three levels to achieve Master Practitioner level.  However, those who wish to teach Reiki are in a minority and for those who wish to simply achieve their Master Practitioner status it is of no benefit to include the teaching skills which they will not need.  I believe it is better for the student to have their Level Three course focussed on the level they are working to achieve.

Likewise I believe that those who wish to teach deserve a day devoted to learning those teaching skills and gaining the benefit of the experience of their own Reiki Master Teacher.

Q: Do I have to complete the different levels of my Reiki Courses in the recommended periods of time.
A: No these are minimum periods between each level.  You can complete your next level at any time once you have fulfilled the minimum period, even if it is years rather than months later.  Readiness for a next level of Reiki is personal and unique to each individual.

Q: Do The Peaceful Planet one to one Reiki Courses cost more than a group Course.
A: There is no additional cost for my one to one courses. When I changed from offering group courses to one to one courses my fees remained the same.

Q: If I have completed any or all of my levels of Reiki but have become separated from my Reiki for some reason, can I take a refresher course to bring me back up to date?
A: I offer personalised Refresher Course for those who may wish to refresh any aspect of their Reiki practice. If you feel that a Refresher Course would be of use to you please contact me when I will be happy to discuss offering you a course that is relevant to you.

If your question does not appear above please do not hesitate to contact me when I will be happy to help.