Natural Healing Therapy – Creating Harmony with Universal Energy

Science has established that everything is energy but there are many forms of energy and some of these cannot be detected by your five physical senses. Most of us accept these energies exist because of the results they produce, and Natural Healing is one example of this principle as are radio waves or X-ray waves. I believe healing is a complementary therapy (not an alternative one) which enables you to have access to the best of the old and the new allowing them to work together.  Natural Healing works in harmony with the universal energy that maintains existence as we

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Reiki Healing Therapy – The Best of Both Worlds

If you are facing a period of stress or challenge Reiki can help to reduce your anxiety and improve your clarity of mind and objectivity, gently reducing the turmoil or turbulence in your energy system and enabling you to rise to the challenges ahead. It is also good for balancing blood pressure, and improving various stress induced conditions. It is also an excellent therapy for releasing emotional blocks and helping with the different kinds of emotional and physical trauma you may have experienced or are currently experiencing in your life. The applications are numerous, yet the benefits are unique and personal. There are

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Emotional Healing Therapy – Healing Hidden Emotions

There are times in all of our lives when we find ourselves at cross roads or turning points. This is often at the end of a relationship when the decision to end that relationship may or may not have been made by us. However, even when the decision has been ours, this can result in emotional turmoil and feelings of guilt and doubt about the wisdom of our decision. This kind of emotional upheaval can also arise when we reach a certain age, begin a new job or career, move from one place to another, or even just move home within

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Crystal Healing Therapy – Treasures from the Earth

Crystals are a part of the planet we live on and they work naturally and in a subtle way. However, there are also times when I get feedback from clients indicating an immediate and noticeable effect from having a crystal healing session.  After working as a Healer for a number of years, I became increasingly drawn to crystals. Initially collecting crystals that attracted my attention, and that I felt would make beautiful ornaments.  I also collected some beautiful crystals spheres feeling quite simply that they were lovely objects.  I didn't understand why some crystals drew me quite strongly and others did

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Your Chakra System – Finding Balance & Wellbeing

The healthy balance and function of your Chakras is central to your overall health as a complete human being. The more you know about them, the better equipped you are to become happier and healthier. Many books have been written about the Chakras and I believe we could spend our whole lives learning and still not know everything there is to know and understand. However, a basic understanding can make quite a difference in your life. This Article is intended to be an outline of the basics for those who are aware of the Chakra system but have little understanding of

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Soul Path Consultations – Is it time for yours?

What is a Soul Path Consultation? Many clients approach their first Soul Path Consultation with some reservation, and a slight sense of 'is this going to be scary?' and are then pleasantly surprised returning at intervals suitable to them to take a further look at what is going on in their lives, and find ways to deal with it. Why choose a Peaceful Planet Soul Path Consultation? Because they are surprisingly revealing, and can often help you to deal with those things that are troubling you at a subtle level. A Soul Path Consultation is also extremely cleansing and re-charging for

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