A Soul Path Session can be invaluable when you feel you are at a crossroads in your life.

We nowadays often find ourselves with a greater need, yet less opportunity, for real consideration of the path ahead of us in life. Soul Path Sessions are a branch of the Healing services I offer, and sessions are completed using my personally created Spheres of Light Soul Path Cards

These are not Tarot or fortune telling sessions, but rather an opportunity to look quietly and peacefully at your life, your circumstances, situations, friendships relationships and other issues, from a deeper level of your being.  The illustrations on the cards are particularly helpful in this kind of work.


Soul Path Consultations – Is it time for yours?

What is a Soul Path Consultation? Many clients approach their first Soul Path Consultation with some reservation, and a slight sense of 'is this going to be scary?' and are then pleasantly surprised returning at intervals suitable to them to take a further look at what is going on in their lives, and find ways to deal with it. Why choose a Peaceful Planet Soul Path Consultation? Because they are surprisingly revealing, and can often help you to deal with those things that are troubling you at a subtle level. A Soul Path Consultation is also extremely cleansing and re-charging for

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