What is Hypnosis in simple terms?

It is a perfectly natural state of deep relaxation, the benefits of which are wide ranging. Hypnotherapy is often helpful in releasing unwanted patterns of behaviours and/or emotional responses, which may not be possible to achieve in an everyday waking state.

I offer Hypnotherapy for a range of issues please contact me if you feel that Hypnotherapy may be of help to you.


Hypnotherapy – The therapeutic application of hypnosis

It is important to understand that hypnosis is a perfectly natural process, and a person in hypnosis cannot be made to do anything contrary to his or her moral or ethical codes. When our only understanding of hypnosis comes from ‘stage hypnosis’ we perhaps need to look more closely at how Hypnotherapy or hypnosis as a therapy works.  Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic application of hypnosis, which is a perfectly natural state of deep relaxation. Its wide ranging benefits can help with release of unwanted patterns of behaviour and/or emotional responses, often not possible to achieve when in an everyday waking

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