The intuition of a Healer is a powerful tool, and when working with crystals it can be most beneficial, if as a result those crystals are allowed to gently release their healing vibration into the energy system of the person they are placed on or around. This is no different to a person with innate knowledge gained from considerable experience in their particular field bringing that knowledge to bear on their work.

Crystal Healing is probably as ancient as most if not all of the other natural methods of Healing, although it is becoming increasingly popular with those who are discovering the benefits of close proximity to crystals.


Crystal Healing Therapy – Treasures from the Earth

Crystals are a part of the planet we live on and they work naturally and in a subtle way. However, there are also times when I get feedback from clients indicating an immediate and noticeable effect from having a crystal healing session.  After working as a Healer for a number of years, I became increasingly drawn to crystals. Initially collecting crystals that attracted my attention, and that I felt would make beautiful ornaments.  I also collected some beautiful crystals spheres feeling quite simply that they were lovely objects.  I didn't understand why some crystals drew me quite strongly and others did

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