There may be a number of stages in your life when you experience emotional turmoil which you find difficulty in recovering from. 

At such times, if you are fortunate enough to be surrounded by those who can offer the right kind of support, this can be enough to get you back on track.  However, if this support is either not available, or you do not wish to accept it, because of the friendship or relationship you have with the person who offers such help,  Emotional Healing may be invaluable to you.

I offer Emotional Healing in a peaceful, non judgemental, and confidential environment, where you have the space you may require to discuss and reflect in order to re-balance your emotional equilibrium.


Emotional Healing Therapy – Healing Hidden Emotions

There are times in all of our lives when we find ourselves at cross roads or turning points. This is often at the end of a relationship when the decision to end that relationship may or may not have been made by us. However, even when the decision has been ours, this can result in emotional turmoil and feelings of guilt and doubt about the wisdom of our decision. This kind of emotional upheaval can also arise when we reach a certain age, begin a new job or career, move from one place to another, or even just move home within

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