Reiki is a gentle yet effective method of natural healing, which is acknowledged to be deeply relaxing and helpful for many states of being that may be detrimental to your overall health. A Peaceful Planet Reiki session provides a quiet and tranquil space in which to shut out the world and relax completely, knowing your treatment does not harm or have side effects. It can increase your sense of wellbeing, improve your ability to sleep well, and provide a level of relaxation difficult to find in today’s hectic and stressful world. Reiki may also help to achieve other benefits you seek in terms of your health and wellbeing.

It is not necessary to be suffering ‘ill health’ to benefit from Reiki, simply to make the decision to improve your sense of wellbeing, and start counteracting the pressures and stresses you may be experiencing in today’s busy world. Why not take those first steps now toward feeling better about many other areas of your life, and book a Reiki session as a gift to yourself (or another).  You may find that the benefits of the boost to your wellbeing are more than worth it.


Reiki Healing Therapy – The Best of Both Worlds

If you are facing a period of stress or challenge Reiki can help to reduce your anxiety and improve your clarity of mind and objectivity, gently reducing the turmoil or turbulence in your energy system and enabling you to rise to the challenges ahead. It is also good for balancing blood pressure, and improving various stress induced conditions. It is also an excellent therapy for releasing emotional blocks and helping with the different kinds of emotional and physical trauma you may have experienced or are currently experiencing in your life. The applications are numerous, yet the benefits are unique and personal. There are

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