Below I have answered some of the questions I am most frequently asked about Natural Healing and Reiki. Scroll down to find your question. If your question is not listed please do not hesitate to contact me by telephone or e-mail when I will be happy to help.

What are ‘Natural Healing’ Therapies?

Natural Healing is a name for therapies that use the energy which are a part of nature and the natural order of things, a way of using universal energy, often described as Ki – Chi – Prana and other names which work in harmony with your human energy field. You may come across natural healing therapies under a number of names, for instance Reiki is a method of ‘Natural Healing’.  Whatever the name of the natural healing therapy you are offered.  If it is true natural healing it is simply a particular method of offering the benefit of those natural energies for your improved health and wellbeing.

As everything is energy Natural Healing therapies simply refresh depleted energies and stabilise and re- balance over active or agitated energies. If your perspective on such issues is more scientific you could perhaps relate to it more clearly within the principles of quantum physics.  Natural Healing therapies trigger your own internal healing mechanism, (something any Physician or Surgeon will confirm we all have) and work on all aspects of you not just those you are able to see or touch physically

So, can Natural Healing Therapies really help me?

Because they bring into balance your various aspects (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) Natural Healing Therapies may help many of the problems you suffer from. It is possible for anyone to benefit from Natural Healing therapies, from babies to children, and adults of all age groups, (even animals). They are non-invasive do not produce side effects.

How Can how can Natural Healing Therapies help me?

Levels of stress are generally high in today’s world and the pace at which you may be living could contribute to high stress levels. Natural Healing Therapies often offer powerful benefits, in addition to the more specific conditions they have been seen to improve

Are Natural Healing Therapies supernatural?

As mentioned above, some people feel they are better explained within the framework of modern physics, but the expression ‘supernatural’ simply means extra natural so it is is probably a fairly accurate description of such therapies. When asked if what I offer is spiritual healing, I would say that as the word ‘spiritual’ can be interpreted in various ways, and particularly when it is applied to healing I prefer the term Natural Healing.

Can I still have Natural Healing Therapies if I am receiving medical treatment?

Natural Healing Therapies are non invasive therapies which do not conflict with any medical treatment you may be receiving.  On the contrary, they have been seen to help people cope more easily with the side effects of some of the more aggressive medical treatments sometimes needed. The human body has wonderful self healing abilities, and Natural Healing Therapies enhance and encourage these. Reiki Natural Healing in particular is becoming much more widely accepted by the mainstream medical profession and is now often offered in hospitals, to patients receiving other treatments.

Can Natural Healing Therapies benefit me if I am not actually ill?

We often consider wellbeing to be an absence of illness or specifically diagnosed medical condition, but there is a difference between not being diagnosed or identified as ‘ill’ and having a sense of full wellbeing. Natural Healing Therapies often help you to return to that greater sense of wellbeing from a state that is hard to identify, but prevents you from feeling in full good health, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. They can be a wonderful pick me up when you are feeling down, and great for calming you down when you feel wound up with stress and tension and they have been shown to be extremely therapeutic and relaxing for people under pressure from the circumstances of their life.

Are Natural Healing Therapies miraculous?

In the past scientists have had difficulty in placing the process of Natural Healing into a scientific context. However, in recent years there have been some interesting and exciting developments in this respect. Throughout history there have been many things which puzzled us. Natural Healing therapies need no explanation for those who have benefitted from their powerful effects. However, promises of miraculous cures are inappropriate and unprofessional and can mislead those who could benefit from Natural Healing Therapies

Can I have a Natural Healing Therapy session if I am pregnant?

As Natural Healing Therapies are just that – natural – they do not alter anything natural, simply calm over active energies and refresh and replenish depleted energies in your system. They can therefore be very therapeutic if your pregnancy causes tiredness due to lack of sleep or other minor discomforts in your system during your pregnancy.

Are Natural Healing Therapies related to my religious belief? (or lack of it)

The ability to give or take healing is not affected by the fact that you follow a particular religion – or no religion at all. A reputable Healer will be committed to giving healing where needed, regardless of their personal belief system (or yours) and will be happy to respect your belief system if you request healing from them.