Natural Healing takes many forms, but in all of these the important word is ‘healing’.  It has been described as spiritual healing and it certainly does address healing of your spirits and often raises them beyond an expected level to a greater sense of ‘being alive’.

A Peaceful Planet Natural Healing session can be wonderful for many of those unidentified states of being that leave you feeling “under par” – and can often help you cope more easily with specifically identified conditions for which you may be receiving other treatments through the mainstream medical system.

It is particularly helpful in working to reduce those debilitating effects of the more aggressive treatments that are sometimes necessary for severe illnesses.

‘Natural’ – Definitions: normal-genuine-instinctive-sincere-inherent


Natural Healing Therapy – Creating Harmony with Universal Energy

Science has established that everything is energy but there are many forms of energy and some of these cannot be detected by your five physical senses. Most of us accept these energies exist because of the results they produce, and Natural Healing is one example of this principle as are radio waves or X-ray waves. I believe healing is a complementary therapy (not an alternative one) which enables you to have access to the best of the old and the new allowing them to work together.  Natural Healing works in harmony with the universal energy that maintains existence as we

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