What is a Soul Path Consultation?
Many clients approach their first Soul Path Consultation with some reservation, and a slight sense of ‘is this going to be scary?’ and are then pleasantly surprised returning at intervals suitable to them to take a further look at what is going on in their lives, and find ways to deal with it.

Why choose a Peaceful Planet Soul Path Consultation?
Because they are surprisingly revealing, and can often help you to deal with those things that are troubling you at a subtle level. A Soul Path Consultation is also extremely cleansing and re-charging for your energy system. Are you at a crossroads, is it time for your Soul Path Consultation?

I use my personally designed and written Spheres of Light Soul Path Cards and often receive comments on how powerful clients have found the images and how clarifying and uplifting a session has been for them. During the session you may find yourself using your own intuition when handling and choosing which cards to work with. These sessions are not based on prophesy, but interaction between you and the cards.  I encourage you to listen to your intuition, and you may find that the images on the cards trigger that intuitive connection naturally.  As a result, relevant issues arise, are looked at, considered, and discussed (only if you wish to discuss them).

The following questions and answers may be helpful if the concept of a Soul Path Consultation is new to you.

How Can a Soul Path Consultation help you? When you are facing difficult situations, you will be aware of the anxiety they can cause, and the effect they can have on your life, and the lives of those around you. At such times it can be helpful to view matters from that deeper level of your being, which sometimes gets forgotten in the pace at which you will inevitably live in today’s world. A Soul Path Consultation gives you the opportunity to assess where you wish to go from here and perhaps the best way to get there; and to do this safely, comfortably and confidentially, with valuable support

How does a Soul Path Consultation work? A  Soul Path Consultation is a combination of your intuition and mine working together. You are free to interject, interrupt, discuss and enquire about what you may want to understand better. The illustrations on the Spheres of Light Soul Path Cards are strikingly, colourful with strong symbolism, and they are a very effective at helping you relate better to your inner feelings and gain a greater sense of self awareness. They help you to use your own intuition, and work with me to achieve more clarity and positivity about who you really are, and where you wish your soul path to take you.

My intuition enhances the soul path consultation process; although many people find when they are able to talk through some of the things which occur to them that they are more able to unlock that part of themselves which has all the answers.

How long does a Soul Path Consultation take? Each consultation will take between one and a half and two hours.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email with any questions this Article may have raised for you.