Crystals are a part of the planet we live on and they work naturally and in a subtle way. However, there are also times when I get feedback from clients indicating an immediate and noticeable effect from having a crystal healing session. 

After working as a Healer for a number of years, I became increasingly drawn to crystals. Initially collecting crystals that attracted my attention, and that I felt would make beautiful ornaments.  I also collected some beautiful crystals spheres feeling quite simply that they were lovely objects.  I didn’t understand why some crystals drew me quite strongly and others did not appeal at all, and I started to investigate the world of crystals and their properties and uses.

I found I could hold a piece of crystal in my hand and think it was pretty but not for me, and when looking at another type of crystal would wonder why anyone would even want to buy it. At other times I would notice a crystal and want to hold it in my hand. I was slowly being introduced to the world of crystals without even being aware of what was happening.

I found when clients experienced the effects of their healing session quite strongly and felt they wanted to become a little more grounded, a piece of Hematite held in the hand would very quickly stabilise and ground them. But then a piece of this particular crystal placed strategically during the healing session helps to maintain good grounding in the first place. Blue Lace Agate, which is associated with the throat area, has soothing and clearing properties, and Amethyst is also an extremely peaceful and calming stone.

Selenite can be decidedly helpful when a back problem presents itself, as it is a stone of alignment. But, it doesn’t only have a tendency to ease the back problems as it is at the same time realigning the whole energy system and bringing us into harmony with a higher lighter sense of being. Smoky Quartz is a superb grounding stone, but its wonder for me is its ability to absorb negative energy from our system, and as more than one client has reported, holding or sitting with a piece when feeling down or grumpy can lift the mood in quite a short space of time.

I could go on at greater length about my journey of discovery with crystals, and how they can have a wonderfully healing effect, but there is no greater way to discover these benefits than to have a crystal healing session.

As with other natural healing methods Crystal Healing is a non intrusive process which simply requires you to lie back and relax while your therapist gently places their hands on or over you usually with a combination of hands on and hands off work, and uses a combination of crystals placed on and/or around you. If you are not comfortable with the gentle touch sometimes used you can request that your therapist completes the session using a hands off method. There is also no need for you to remove any clothing other than shoes and outerwear so that you can relax more easily.