There are times in all of our lives when we find ourselves at cross roads or turning points. This is often at the end of a relationship when the decision to end that relationship may or may not have been made by us. However, even when the decision has been ours, this can result in emotional turmoil and feelings of guilt and doubt about the wisdom of our decision. This kind of emotional upheaval can also arise when we reach a certain age, begin a new job or career, move from one place to another, or even just move home within the same area, but there are many situations throughout life which result in emotional turmoil. 

If we are fortunate enough to be surrounded by good support and guidance at such a time our healing may be a naturally evolving process. However, whatever the initial cause of our turmoil and whether recent or not, if that support and guidance is not available a good Healer can often help us find the source of stress and anxiety that is preventing us from living a more full and happy life.

We will of course eventually reach the point where we wish to move forward or consider entering a new relationship, friendship, job or environment, and may find we are having difficulty letting go of feelings of pain guilt and confusion. Whilst we wish to start afresh, cleansed of all the negative emotions which no longer serve our well being, we may struggle to do this. Such situations are invariably linked to relationship issues, whether they are personal or professional, old or new, and these are times when we can be at our most vulnerable.

We may by this stage have re-discovered our optimism and enthusiasm, our thirst for life and our enjoyment of it, and may feel almost intoxicated with the feelings this stirs within us. However, if we were not fortunate enough to have the necessary support and guidance from friends or family, it is often difficult to make the transition from one phase of our life to the next without working from an underlying base of fear from negative past experiences.

Whilst those close to us may be willing to help we may feel we cannot discuss such issues with them, knowing that when we are ready to move on this knowledge is hanging in the air between us. We can be adversely influenced without being aware that we are hanging on to fears, anger, frustration, resentment, inability to trust (or love) acquired along the way as a method of self protection. Usually these emotions are no longer relevant or appropriate and as we apply them to our new situation, they become a burden and an obstacle in the way of the ‘new beginning’ we seek.

As a result, at a time in life when we feel we should be at our most joyful and contented we discover we are anxious fearful and confused. If we do not have access to that all important support or guidance, we can stumble along in a spiral of disappointment frustration and low self esteem which is self perpetuating, and leaves us feeling that we are missing out on an opportunity for future happiness.

When we recognise this is happening we have taken the first step in our own healing process and will be moving toward new and positive experiences.  The next step may be to benefit from the help of a Therapist who can help us find our way out of the spiral and back on to the path ahead. This kind of healing work can provide us with the private safe and non judgemental space and time in which to discuss what troubles us. It can also help us to begin our journey of letting go of those limiting emotions and perceptions we have unconsciously held on to following previous difficult or unhappy experiences.

As with other natural healing methods Emotional Healing is a non intrusive process which simply requires you to lie back and relax while your therapist gently places their hands on or over you usually with a combination of hands on and hands off work. If you are not comfortable with the gentle touch sometimes used you can request that the session is completed using a hands off method. There is also no need for you to remove any clothing other than shoes and outerwear so that you can relax more easily.