Science has established that everything is energy but there are many forms of energy and some of these cannot be detected by your five physical senses. Most of us accept these energies exist because of the results they produce, and Natural Healing is one example of this principle as are radio waves or X-ray waves. I believe healing is a complementary therapy (not an alternative one) which enables you to have access to the best of the old and the new allowing them to work together. 

Natural Healing works in harmony with the universal energy that maintains existence as we might usually perceive it. Whatever created the universe and all of life and continues to keep it alive, is a matter for each individual to decide for his or her self. Healers are simply people who are able to develop their ability to tune into the part of that energy which has a balancing and therapeutic effect. It is an energy that triggers the personal inner healing mechanism which any Doctor of mainstream medicine will confirm you have.

You may be physically strong but if your mind becomes confused you are incomplete and cannot function properly. If you are physically affected by either illness or injury, no matter how strong your mind is you can still be psychologically affected. You may appear to the world at large completely healthy, both physically and mentally, and yet if you are battling with an emotional or spiritual issue it can be painful beyond belief and can drag you down just as much as any physical condition might do.

All of these aspects of your being need to be balanced and in harmony with each other for optimum wellbeing, and this is one of the main functions of Natural Healing. There are varying degrees of ill health, from an unidentified feeling of malaise to serious life threatening illness. Natural Healing can help you with all of these in one way or another. However, expansive claims for miracle cures do not help the cause of Healing or those who may be in need of it.

Natural Healing can often re-balance your system: If you are out of balance and cannot put your finger on what troubles you, it often brings you back to that sense of wellbeing you have temporarily lost. If you are suffering from a more severe condition, it can often address the underlying cause, and working together with the medicine prescribed for the physical symptoms, it can help to give you a more complete recovery.

We live in an age where despite the best endeavours of our Doctors there are times when some of us have to face the possibility that modern medicine may not be enough, and that physically our chances of recovery are limited. At times like these Natural Healing is able to reach that aspect of you which is so intangible, and can strengthen your spirit to cope with such traumatic events. It is often at these times we perform our own miracles of recovery.

Many of the people who come to me for healing say that in addition to any improvements in the specific condition they are seeking help with they experience a generally improved sense of well being and are able to sleep better afterwards.

We all know the benefits of relaxation and Natural Healing is a wonderfully relaxing therapy, working to calm down the aggravations and irritations in your system accumulated through the course of your life, which can cause all manner of physical, mental and emotional problems.

Natural Healing is a non intrusive process which simply requires you to lie back and relax while your therapist gently places their hands on or over you usually with a combination of hands on and hands off work. If you are not comfortable with the gentle touch sometimes used you can request that your therapist completes the session using a hands off method. There is also no need for you to remove any clothing other than shoes and outerwear so that you can relax more easily.