If you are facing a period of stress or challenge Reiki can help to reduce your anxiety and improve your clarity of mind and objectivity, gently reducing the turmoil or turbulence in your energy system and enabling you to rise to the challenges ahead. It is also good for balancing blood pressure, and improving various stress induced conditions. It is also an excellent therapy for releasing emotional blocks and helping with the different kinds of emotional and physical trauma you may have experienced or are currently experiencing in your life. The applications are numerous, yet the benefits are unique and personal.

There are far too many ways Reiki can help you for me to list them all here, and benefit from any form of healing is always unique to the individual. Reiki flows naturally to where it is needed and re-balances where there is imbalance. It is an ideal way to re-align your energy system, even if you are not consciously aware of a particular imbalance.

In the western world, where Reiki has more recently emerged it is known as a method of natural healing which works by the transfer of transcendent or universal energy, namely ‘rei-ki’. We are all made up of this energy, and science has confirmed that what we perceive to be solid objects are vibrating energy. It is not difficult therefore to see that if we harmonise the vibration of Reiki energy with the vibration of our own energy field, we can benefit from its healing and revitalising effect.

Dr Usui the founder of Reiki (as we know it today) was Japanese, and the principal of universal energy has always been acknowledged and used in Eastern medicine, but not specifically confined to Reiki. The energy from which we benefit when we receive such healing is described in various ways around the world. In Reiki it is the last two letters of the word or ‘ki’. In Indian culture it is known as ‘prana’ and the Chinese describe it as ‘chi, as in ‘T’ai chi. It is the flow of this energy through our being that is the principle of Yoga and other eastern philosophies and practices, such as Acupuncture, Reflexology and  Qigong. In addition, Reiki is strongly linked to the Buddhist belief system, and for some it is the route onward to a path toward enlightenment, and a stronger connection with the higher self or inner awareness.

What is generally understood about Reiki tends to point to it being a new or modern method of healing when it is really an ancient art of healing, re-discovered in Japan in the nineteenth century by Dr Mikao Usui.  It is from this perspective both ancient and modern. The word Reiki is translated from the Japanese words for Universal Life Energy. If this word is broken down into its two parts ‘Rei’ and ‘Ki’ it appears that in the Japanese language the words would be related to transcendence, or spirit, and a ‘mysterious’ power or essence.

A Reiki practitioner is able to direct the universal healing energy which is all around us, into the human energy field of whoever is in need of healing. This can holistically restore the natural balance to your physical body and re-balance the energies in your human energy field. Reiki Healing works simply and directly and can help anyone who is open to it.

Those who benefit from Reiki often describe improved levels of relaxation and an increased sense of well being. It is now widely recognised that when you are feeling the effects of stress or tension your immune system is compromised. As a result of its relaxing effect Reiki often helps to boost the immune system and balance your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. Consequently it can bring the increased sense of overall wellbeing reported by many Reiki clients.

As the principle on which Reiki works embodies each of the four aspects that together make up the whole human being, Reiki Practitioners find themselves approached by a broad range of people seeking help for symptoms associated with a number of medically recognised physical conditions, among them chronic fatigue, general tiredness, back-pain and headaches. This range of symptoms is becoming more common in the ‘civilised’ world as the pressures of life and the isolation from nature and natural foods become overwhelming for the human system.  As a result harmony between our different aspects (namely the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) falls out of balance.

As we cannot separate these aspects from each other, we also cannot prevent effects occurring in one area of our being from affecting other areas. This is where natural forms of healing such as Reiki can often help, by treating the whole person and restoring balance that has been lost. In doing so the system begins to work in harmony once again and those aspects that have suffered from the imbalance begin to return to a more healthy level of functioning.

I often treat clients who approach me for help with relief from pain and the depleting effects associated with the medical treatments offered for cancer. Because Reiki re-balances the energy system it can also be helpful in aiding recovery following injury or surgery. Because of this re-balancing effect conditions which arise from chemical or hormonal imbalances can often be helped by Reiki. It can also be very helpful in relation to those crises we all encounter at certain stages of our life, which cause us extreme stress and leave us with an inability to see our way forward.

As with other natural healing methods Reiki is a non intrusive process which simply requires you to lie back and relax while your therapist gently places their hands on or over you usually with a combination of hands on and hands off work. If you are not comfortable with the gentle touch sometimes used you can request that your therapist completes the session using a hands off method. There is also no need for you to remove any clothing other than shoes and outerwear so that you can relax more easily.